May 24, 2018

Alderwood Estates and Mobile Central High School First ever Fashion Show

What a wonderful evening we had with our seniors, community members and students as we strutted our stuff down the red carpet!

Our first ever fashion show started off with champagne, music and special guest Eddie Sheerr with NTV news, culminating with our men sashaying down the runway with the lovely Graduates from Mobile Central High. The Graduates were breathtakingly beautiful as they whirled the residents around the dance floor. Our men were incredibly handsome as fashion models walking the red carpet. To the delight of the crowd our very own Betty Swain lead Eddie around the floor in a Newfoundland waltz. The evening was a wonderful celebration of community spirit as our youth and seniors came together enjoying each others company!! A big thank you to the Graduates, Rosemary Houlihan, Wanda Lee Carew, Michelle Mailhiot, Chantelle Delaney, NTV, Ally Road, Ronnie Power, Delectable Delights and Alward’s Design Plus Inc.